“Following a major operation in 2009, my dog’s mobility was none too good. I had heard about hydrotherapy for dogs, but there wasn’t anywhere local. Then I heard about Treading Water opening at Pet Paraphernalia in Burscough, which was ideal. I picked up an information leaflet, obtained a referral form and discussed the matter with my vet.

My border collie, Callum, had his first pool session in July 2010. He started off with the aid of a buoyancy harness and quickly progressed to just a safety harness. The pool sessions have greatly improved his mobility, helping to restore and strengthen his muscles. He is 13 years old and also suffers from arthritis, so we don’t go on very long walks anymore.

However, Callum now has a weekly treadmill session, which he really looks forward to. The benefit of being in the treadmill is that he can maintain his fitness levels whilst being supported in the water (he also gets a healthy treat from Alastair as an incentive!) I am so glad that I discovered Treading Water in Burscough as it has greatly improved the quality of my dog’s life.”



“Last year, my 4 year old Lab, had two major TPLO operations to correct cruciate ligament problems in both her knees. Following each surgical procedure, I was recommended to take Bertha for hydrotherapy as part of her post operative care and recovery programme. An underwater treadmill was suggested…………but where would I find one, how would Bertha react, what was I to expect and a load of other questions came to mind??

Hence our visit to Pet Paraphernalia, run by a family with a genuine love for dogs, technical knowledge of Bertha’s needs and lots of answers that helped me!

I can’t rate them highly enough.

After each session, Bertha made significantly noticeable progress – from hesitation in using her leg to consistent weight bearing. She’s now completely recovered and back to normal, but I doubt this would have been the case without our weekly visits to Treading Water.

Thanks Alastair.



“Two years ago Charlie was diagnosed with Immune Mediated Polyarthritis (IMP), this caused his joints to fill up with fluid, which caused stiffening of the joints and lameness. He was really ill and at one point I thought I was going to lose him.

Over the past two years he has had quite a few flare ups and has been on various strength doses of steroids and painkillers.

My daughter and I as a last resort decided on Hydrotherapy and contacted Pet Paraphernalia, they asked for a referral from my vet, which I obtained and Charlie was able to start his treatment.

He has been having hydrotherapy sessions for six to eight weeks and the change in him is astounding, even after the first few sessions there was a difference.

His coat had fallen out because of the steroids, this has now started to grow back, he has more energy and the stiffness in his joints has improved. I have been able to take him off the painkillers and reduce the steroids.

I can’t thank the staff at Pet Paraphernalia especially Alastair enough for what they have done for Charlie.”