The pool is custom built on site. The water is four feet deep and is sanitised by the use of bromine and sterilised by the use of a UV unit.
The water temperature is maintained to 28 degrees C.

The size of the pool is such that it allows controlled exercise of the client under the close supervision of the hydrotherapist at all times.
The pool has the option of added jets which can be used as the client’s condition improves. The intensity of the jets and their direction are both fully adjustable. To gain access to the pool there is a ramp
leading up to the water level and one leading down into the water.

Alternatively, for the most immobile of clients there is an overhead
hoist, or they can be simply lifted gently into the water


The underwater treadmill is 3 metres long. The water is sanitised by the use of bromine and the temperature is maintained to 27 degrees C.

The height of the water is dependent uponthe condition that the client is being treated for. The underwater treadmill also has the optional facility of added jets, the height of which is fully adjustable.

After their session in the pool or the underwater treadmill, clients are rinsed off
and dried off with the use of an “Easidri” towel, a towel and a blaster.