Two years ago Charlie was diagnosed with Immune Mediated Polyarthritis (IMP), this caused his joints
to fill up with fluid, which caused stiffening of the joints and lameness. He was really ill and at one point
I thought I was going to lose him.

Over the past two years he has had quite a few flare ups and has been on various strength doses
of steroids and painkillers.

My daughter and I as a last resort decided on Hydrotherapy and contacted Pet Paraphernalia,
they asked for a referral from my vet, which I obtained and Charlie was able to start his treatment.

He has been having hydrotherapy sessions for six to eight weeks and the change in him is astounding,
even after the first few sessions there was a difference.

His coat had fallen out because of the steroids, this has now started to grow back, he has more energy
and the stiffness in his joints has improved. I have been able to take him off the painkillers and reduce the steroids.

I can't thank the staff at Pet Paraphernalia especially Alastair enough for what they have done for Charlie.

Angela Dickinson
4th April 2016