Following a major operation in 2009, my dog’s mobility was none too good. I had heard about hydrotherapy for dogs, but there wasn’t anywhere local. Then I heard about Treading Water opening at Pet Paraphernalia in Burscough, which was ideal. I picked up an information leaflet, obtained a referral form and discussed the matter with my vet.

My border collie, Callum, had his first pool session in July 2010.
He started off with the aid of a buoyancy harness and quickly progressed to just a safety harness.
The pool sessions have greatly improved his mobility, helping to restore and strengthen his muscles. He is 13 years old and also suffers from arthritis, so we don’t go on very long walks anymore.

However, Callum now has a weekly treadmill session, which he really looks forward to. The benefit of being in the treadmill is that he can maintain his fitness levels whilst being supported in the water (he also gets a healthy treat from Alastair as an incentive!)
I am so glad that I discovered Treading Water in Burscough as it has greatly improved the quality of my dog’s life.

Fiona Wallbank