Last year, my 4 year old Lab, had two major TPLO operations to correct cruciate ligament problems in both her knees. Following each surgical procedure, I was recommended to take Bertha for hydrotherapy as part of her post operative care and recovery programme. An underwater treadmill was suggested…………
but where would I find one, how would Bertha react, what was I to
expect and a load of other questions came to mind??

Hence our visit to Pet Paraphernalia, run by a family with a genuine love for dogs, technical knowledge of Bertha’s needs and lots of answers that helped me!

I can’t rate them highly enough.

After each session, Bertha made significantly noticeable progress – from hesitation in using her leg to consistent weight bearing. She’s now completely recovered and back to normal, but I doubt this would have been the case without
our weekly visits to Treading Water.

Thanks Alastair.